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Puppy and Dog Training Resources

May 9th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

A few things to remember:

1/ Ignore bad behaviour. Do not punish; this will only frighten and confuse your puppy. It’s okay to distract your puppy and halt the behaviour by making a noise (see video on Puppy Discipline in list below), but then give a command and use praise to teach the puppy what she is supposed to be doing instead.
2/ Use food and praise to reward the behaviour you want. Pair the word “good” with the command. eg. “Good sit!” “Good pee!” “Good come!”. That way your puppy will know what it did to earn the reward. If you say “Good dog”, your puppy won’t know if you liked that he sat down or scratched his ear, if he did both. If you say “Good sit!” every time he sits, he’ll come to associate the word “sit” with the action of sitting down.
3/ Only use one word for each command. Use “Down” for lie down. Don’t use “Down” when your dog jumps up on you; use “Off” instead. Use “Stay” for down-stay, but “Wait” for stay in the car.
4/ Try to “catch” your puppy doing things he does on his own and praise him for it then. If he happens to sit, say “good sit”. Every time he urinates, say “good pee”. Soon he’ll do those things on command, to earn your praise.

Here are some great web pages and other sources of information on how to train your puppy:

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