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Bad Breath Means Bad Health!

January 26th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Did you know that neglecting your pet’s mouth can shorten its life?
It’s true!

Studies tell us that dogs and cats that have regular dental cleanings live 2-3 years longer than those that don’t. It makes sense, if you think about it.

Gingivitis (infection in the gums) and periodontal disease (infection in the bone around tooth roots) are caused by bacteria hiding in plaque and calculus. These bacteria can spread via the blood to your pets’ liver, kidneys and heart. There, they can multiply and cause organ damage.

Pets with bad teeth don’t have the best quality of life. Their teeth hurt when they chew their food, or when they lie on their sides. Walking around with a mouth full of pus and bacteria is not only gross, but it’s also bad for you.

Pets age 6-7 years for every human year. If they have their teeth cleaned every 5 years, it’s the same as you and I neglecting our teeth for 35 years!

Having your pets’ teeth cleaned is not a cosmetic procedure. It helps prevent oral discomfort, pain and suffering, and it helps your pet stay healthy.

Please make sure your dog and cat gets a physical exam at least once yearly. Senior pets should have check-ups every 6 months. Look inside your pet’s mouth on a regular basis, and call your vet if you notice brown teeth, red gums, or bad breath.

Regular dental cleanings will not only improve your animal’s breath, but also help it live longer. If you’ve been delaying, please call and book that appointment today!

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