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Holistic and Herbal Medicine Consultations now available

November 12th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

Dr. Langlais is now offering consultations for holistic and complimentary (alternative) medicine for pets.

She’s found her own health vastly improved since she’s changed her eating and lifestyle habits. She knows many pet owners are interested in herbal and alternative treatments for their dogs and cats. There is a place for traditional medicine but in many cases other therapies can partner with or replace these.

Dr. Langlais has been studying Veterinary Herbal Medicine and is passionate about pet nutrition. One of her hobbies is foraging and she is knowledgeable about many medicinal plants found in the wild. She’s sourced quality herbal remedies from a reputable supplier, “herbs carefully harvested and processed with the practices of sustainable agriculture, and supported by scientific research and medical findings”.

A one hour consultation will include a detailed history on your pet’s diet, daily schedule and any medical problems. The fee for this is $169 plus tax. Blood-work and urine testing will also be offered to get a better picture of your pet’s health, and to allow Dr. Langlais to make the best recommendations possible.

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