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Boarding Kennels, Obedience Classes and Trainers, Groomers in the Cambridge area

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Boarding Kennels and Pet Sitters:

Diamond in the Ruff, 7625 Leslie Rd. W , RR#1, Puslinch, 837-4473
Country Paws, 1829 Hopewell Creek Road , Breslau , 519-648-2611
Pinetree Pet Care Center , Guelph , 519-787-9934
Lonsdale Grove, Breslau, 519-648-3311
Forrestdale Kennels, Freelton, 905-659-1520
Meredum Kennels, Waterdown, 905-689-7230
Country Paws, 1881 Carmel-Koch Rd , St. Agatha, 519-634-5285
Country Paws, London , 519-644-1771
Cat Nap Cottages, 591 Arkell Rd , Arkell, 519-766-0511; 1-866-766-0511
Allyson Hilbert, Ally Cats Pet Services, Pet-sitting and dog walking, 519-591-3815
The Cat’s Meow Pet Sitters, dog walking, cat care, Julie Hawkins AHT, 519-896-6006
Internet Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers referral service: DogVacay.com
Gloria Gaudet, cat sitter, 519-658-5099
Vet Sitters (pet sitting by veterinary students at U of G)

Obedience Trainers:

McCann vs McCann, Rockton, 1-800-378-1471
Companion Dog Training, 1195 Franklin Blvd., Unit 3 and 4, (226) 218-4154
Puppy Power, 510-781-8701, puppypowerdogtraining@gmail.com
In Line K9s, email address: in_line_k9s@hotmail.ca
Dogs in the Park, 582 Massey Road, Guelph;  info@dogsinthe park.ca


Pet Smart, 600 Hespeler Road, Goodlife and Homesense Plaza, 519-621-9696
Lonsdale Grove, Breslau, 519-648-3311
Barks n’ Bubbles, 71 Scrimger Ave , Cambridge , 519-622-1238
Irene @ Top Hat and Tails, 519-653-2100
Ashley 519-653-0750
Grooming with Finesse, Waterloo, http://groomingwithfinesse.com/
Fur Ever Loved, Fur Ever Loved Pet Salon

We’ve provided the list above for your convenience, but this is in no way an endorsement nor are we affiliated with any of them. Please let us know about your impressions of anyone on our list. We appreciate your feedback, as we only want to recommend ones we hear good things about. If we hear of several bad incidents, we will remove them from our list. Thanks and good luck.

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  2. By Wendy Gee on Dec 7, 2015

    We would not recommend Grooming by Jennifer for any dog requiring a breed specific cut. Fortunately, by chance, we discovered Grooming With Finesse in Waterloo and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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