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How to collect a urine specimen from your dog

May 19th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized

Here are some tips on how to collect a urine specimen from your dog.

I recommend transferring it to a brand new Ziploc sandwich container or even a Ziploc bag, as these are “sterile” and do not contain any food residues nor chemicals that might affect the results of the test. If you use a Ziploc bag, make sure you seal the bag well! I would put the bag inside a larger rigid container, such as a previously used and washed cottage cheese container, to keep the bag upright and less likely to leak.

If you need a sterile “urine jar”, as shown in the video about female dogs, you can get one from our clinic. You can either pay for the test in advance and we’ll put a special label on the jar to indicate that, or you can pay for it when you submit the sample.

Please note that first morning urine samples are best. Ideally, you will submit the specimen as soon as possible. If you cannot, please put it in the refrigerator and submit it within 12 hours.

How to collect urine from a female dog:

How to collect urine from a male dog:

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