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Dr. Langlais weighs in on Pinch Collars

October 7th, 2021 Posted in Uncategorized

I often see dogs wearing pinch collars. I hate those things!  Would you want to wear something that has sharp metal prongs that will pinch or even cut you?

As a young graduate veterinarian many years ago, I had a dog present to me with an abscess on its neck. It had been wearing a pinch collar, which had punctured the skin and had caused a severe infection.  It was so terrible that the dog needed surgery as well as antibiotics to clear up the abscess.

There are far many more humane options for the dog who pulls too much on walks.  Gentle Leader head halters or special harnesses will exert gentle pressure when your dog lunges ahead, without the risk of injury.  Training with food rewards will show the dog that it will get praise when it walks by your side and no praise when it when it pulls and is a much better alternative to punishment and pain.

Studies of shown over and over again that animals learn much better with praise than with punishment.  Ignore bad behaviour and reward good behaviour and the bad behaviour will extinguish without punishment.  Our dogs just want to please us, right?  We all want our dogs to succeed and we really don’t want to hurt them, so please please please do not put one of those horrible collars on your dog!



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