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Premium Health Packages -save money on Wellness Care!

At Hespeler Animal Hospital, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’ve listed the ideal preventative care program for your treasured dog and cat below.  With our Canine or Feline Health Package, you can help ensure your pet gets the best care possible, and save money, by enrolling in our Premium Health Package. Every one wins, your pet with great preventative care, and you with amazing cost savings!

We recommend dogs and cats receive the following Wellness Care every year:

  1. Twice yearly check-ups.
  2. Annual vaccinations for FVRCP or DHLPP and Rabies, individualized for risk and lifestyle.
  3. Early Detection blood testing, to screen for organ disease.
  4. Heartworm and Lyme Disease Testing for dogs, Thyroid screening for cats (included with #3).
  5. Microscope Fecal Testing for parasite eggs that can infect both pets and humans.
  6. Heartworm and Flea preventative medication for dogs (FREE with our package).



Cats: The cost for this Package is $369 (plus tax).
Dogs: The cost for this Package is $395 (plus tax).

You save up to 30% on the services in the package and you also get:

10% off of all food.

10% off Consultation Fee if your pet is sick, for up to one year from purchase date of Plan.

 You get  FREE Heartworm pills for your dog, a FREE semi-annual exam for both your cat and your dog,  along with these discounts.


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