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Our Staff


Dr. Louise Langlais, DVM


Hi! I’m so looking forward to meeting you! I’m one of the veterinarians who will look after your pet, and the medical director at Hespeler Animal Hospital and at Myers Road Veterinary Services.

I’ve wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember. I graduated from the University of Guelph in 1986 with my degree in veterinary medicine, and also have a post-graduate degree in Clinical Pathology. That means I can read fine needle biopsies in-house, rather than having to send them to an outside lab. Our clients love that, because they don’t have to wait as long to get an answer about that scary lump, or about what’s causing the infection in their dog’s ear!

I am also interested in alternative and integrative medicine, with a holistic approach to each pet’s health.

I chose to become a veterinarian because I like meeting people, love working with animals, and wanted the challenge that a career in medicine can offer. I think it’s great that every day is different. I’ve worked at several vet clinics in Brantford, St. Catharines and two emergency clinics in the Toronto area.

I own and have been at Hespeler Animal Hospital since it opened in 1989. My hobbies include cycling, hiking, backpacking, reading, skiing, paddling, and computers. I have two children, a wonderful spouse John, and three pets: a Jack Russell terrier named Pete, and two cats Stitch and Tino (plus our clinic cat Mel).


Dr. Jennifer Gibson

jiffyDr. Gibson also loves animals and the medicine. She’s been a veterinarian since 1995. Like Dr. Langlais, Dr. Gibson also trained at the University of Guelph, one of the top veterinary schools in North America!

Jennifer’s other interests include running, hiking, cottaging and haIMG_3622 - tiny rufus and biscuit bestnging with kids and pets. Her animals include Rufus, an orange and white “monster cat” – 16 lbs soaking wet, and Tiny, an 8 lb Shih Tzu, tiny in all ways, that loves kids and dress-up.



Hi there! My name is Mortimer. I also have a “sister” Madeline and a kitty friend Benson. Our owner/mommy is Robin. Mommy has training as a Medical Lab Technician (MGLA/Technician). She assists at Hespeler Animal Hospital with patient care, reminders for recheck appointments, taking patient histories for the doctors, and reception. Robin loves to kiss and hug all the patients (that makes me soooo jealous!).

Mel FB pic
My name is Mel. I’m the clinic’s official client greeter. I joined our staff in 2003. My hobbies include sleeping, eating and looking for comfy blankets to take over. My Facebook page is “Mel Hespeler” and I’m hoping you’ll all send me a friend request! I’ll accept them all because I want to beat “Boo” and have more than one million friends! Oh yeah, I am a cat.


We have several wonderful university students who work part-time for us as receptionists, veterinary assistants, and customer service representatives. Katherine, Nikki, Alex, Teagan and Sonya hope to be veterinarians some day. In the mean-time, they’re happy to look after you and your pets.