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Wellness Plans

We understand that having a pet can sometimes be expensive, so we have plans for dogs and cats of all ages. These programs ensure that your pet is getting the best care, and so is your wallet! Below are the links to our webpage which highlight all of our plans so you can pick one that’s best suited to your pet, budget, and lifestyle.

1. Adult Canine and Feline Health Packages – Includes yearly vaccines, Early Detection Blood Tests (with Lyme and Heartworm testing for dogs, Thyroid testing for cats), fecal testing, FREE Heartworm preventative medication, and one free exam within the year you purchased the Package. http://www.hespeleranimalhospital.com/canine-and-feline-health-plans-save-money-on-wellness-care/

2. Puppies and Kittens – Our Start Me Right Package includes vaccines, fecal testing, de-worming medication, spay/neuter and more!

OAC, low monthly payments so you can spread out the costs of your puppy or kitten’s care.

If you have any questions in regards to the plans, please give us a call and we can help you decide which plan is right for your pet. Of course, you can always opt to pay as you go rather than subscribe to one of these plans.

However, we think you’ll agree they’re a great way to help keep your pets happy and healthy!