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Why is dental care so important for our pets?


One of the most common conditions I see in dogs and cats is dental disease. Sadly, many pet owners don’t seem to realize how important preventative dental care is to their animal’s health and well-being. Or others mistakenly believe that feeding kibble or brushing the teeth is enough. However, if it were that simple, why do humans need to visit their dentists for professional cleanings even though we brush and floss our own teeth once a day?

Here is some information about the importance of dentistry and some tips on home care between cleanings. I encourage you to look in your pet’s mouth at least once a month, and to be pro-active about treatment before dental decay sets in.


Why is dentistry important for my pet?


1/ Regular dental cleanings can extend your pet’s lifespan by 3-5 years! Dental infections can spread to the kidneys, heart valves or liver, and cause infection elsewhere in the body. This might make your pet sick or shorten its lifespan.

2/ Dental disease hurts! Dogs and cats might not show any signs, but eating can be uncomfortable for them. If your pet’s gums are an angry red colour (see the photos below), then they are inflammed and that can be painful. Makes sense, right?

3/ Dental infections will eventually result in dental decay and tooth loss. We can prevent that!



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Periodontitis Progression



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