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Cat In Blanket - Feline Asthma


Feline Asthma: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment


Feline Asthma is a condition similar to asthma in humans. We don’t know the exact cause but an allergy basis is strongly suspected.  Affected kitty cats will show signs that might include coughing, laboured breathing, open mouth breathing and gums with a purple tinge.  These signs, if seen, are serious and you should bring your cat to a veterinarian immediately.  The diagnosis is made based on X-rays and a tracheal wash. Cells retrieved from the wash are examined under a microscope. In certain cases, a culture might be needed to rule out a bacterial infection.  Treatment of Feline Asthma includes the use of steroids, preferably via an inhaler. Inhaled steroids have fewer side effects than if the medication is given as a pill or injection.


Here’s a great video showing how to use an inhaler in a cat:

How to use an asthma inhaler in a cat 

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