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Cat With Carrier - make vet visits easier for your cat


Some tips to make vet visits easier for your cat


It’s best to transport your cat in a cat carrier.

Each cat should have it’s own carrier; in other words, don’t put two cats in one carrier.
The best carriers open from the top or front, and can be taken apart so that the cat can remain in the bottom for most of the exam if they wish.

Help the cat become accustomed to the carrier by leaving it open in the house and placing toys, treats or food inside.

Place a soft, clean towel or familiar bedding in the bottom of the carrier.

Spray the carrier with facial pheromone (e.g., FeliwayTM) 10-15 minutes before traveling.

Secure the carrier in the foot well of the back seat of the car to avoid movement during transportation and airbag injuries.

When carrying the carrier, keep it stable and horizontal.

Place a towel over the top of the carrier to help calm your cat and prevent other pets in the waiting room from making direct eye contact.

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